Thank You for Your Participation

The Premier Network is comprised of only select, high-quality providers and facilities offering local employer groups an alternative to the current market health insurance companies. We are proud that you are part of this unique network.

Below you will find various resources to help with any issues you may incur or questions you have. The Provider Manual provides an overview of patient identification information, billing procedures, lab services, and specialty care. You can also view a Sample Patient ID Card to help identify eligible members.

Please feel free to contact us at 800.588.1963 or to speak with a Provider Relations Representative.

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1. Is there a dedicated customer service number for providers and patients?

Yes, any questions regarding the Premier Network can be directed to (800) 588-1963.

2. How do I update my practice information after a change has occurred to ensure accurate information in the Provider Directory and on this website’s Provider Finder?

• Provider practice location information can be updated two different ways:

• By calling Premier’s Provider Relations team at (800) 588-1963 or via email

• By faxing location information and W-9 forms (Tax ID change) directly to 484-636-0212.

3. How do I identify the patient’s insurer?

• Premier Network is the provider network only and does not pay claims.

• Each Premier Network patient carries a medical ID card that includes all the information necessary to file and submit claims.

• The name and the logo of the insurance carrier/claims administrator is clearly stated on the front of each card.

4. How do I determine the patient’s insurance company or benefit administrator?

The name and logo of the patient’s insurance company or benefit administrator are printed in bold type on the front of the member’s medical ID card.

5. Do patients have any financial responsibility?

A patient’s financial responsibility depends on his/her benefit plan and will vary from patient to patient. Co-payments will be clearly listed on the patient’s ID card.

6. What co-payments should be collected from the patient at the time of service?

If a patient has a co-payment for an office visit, the amount will be printed on the patient’s medical identification card. This fee can be collected from the patient at the time of service.

7. Who do I contact about benefit coverage and eligibility?

• Premier Network does not design insurance plans or coverage.

• Providers should call the insurance carrier/claims administrator to check benefit limitations and coverage. This number is listed on each patient’s medical ID card.

8. Do patients need a referral?

No, Premier Network is a Preferred Provider Organization and patients do not need to obtain referrals from their primary care physicians.

9. Do patients need precertification?

 For benefit programs that require precertification, necessary information is printed on the member’s medical ID card along with a phone number to call for additional questions.

10. How do I file a claim?

• Premier Network follows standard Medicare claims submission guidelines.

• Claims should be submitted using HCFA-1500 forms for physician billing and UB-04 forms for hospital billing.

11. Where do I submit claims?

The claims address, along with the phone number for claims inquiries, is printed on each patient’s ID card. Claims addresses will vary depending on the patient’s employer. The patient’s medical identification card is the best source for this information.

12. What should I do if I have outstanding claims or claims denied as out-of-network?

Premier Network does not pay claims; however, we have established procedures to help our providers get their claims paid correctly and in a timely manner. Should you have any problems getting claims paid correctly, or processed as in-network, please contact Premier’s Provider Relations Department for assistance. In order to help, we will need a copy of the HCFA-1500 forms for physician billing and UB-92 forms for hospital billing and the EOB, if applicable.

13. How can I request an office visit by one of Premier’s representatives?

Please contact Premier’s Provider Relations department at (800) 588-1963 or via email for more information on scheduling an office visit.